Founding Background

Hyatt and BTG Homeinns jointly launched the new hotel brand “UrCove by HYATT”, which is a brand of Hyatt. UrCove is an entirely homegrown hotel brand, absorbing the strengths of both parties, built specifically to meet Chinese travelers’ preferences and growing expectations for a seamless, comfortable and premium travel experience in the upper-midscale market, and providing guests high-quality travel experience with friendly service, serve as a sanctuary to unwind and recharge on their journey.

One is a world-class hotel management group, the other is a domestic hotel chain giant with more than 4,000 hotels. The strength of both sides is integrated to jointly create a new brand of medium and high-end hotels of both scale and high quality, which is a harbor on the journey for business travelers on the road of their dreams.

UrCove combines Hyatt’s professional experience in high-end hotels, as well as BTG Homeinn’s deep insight and vast network in the Chinese market, to set a new benchmark for the local hotel industry, aiming to provide quality travel services to China’s booming young business travelers.

Yusu Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Yusu Hotel Management Co., Ltd. is a hotel management company jointly established by affiliated companies of Hyatt and Home Inns (China) Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing BTG Hotel Group). It independently operates and develops a new hotel brand “UrCove by Hyatt”. The new joint venture company draws on the strengths of both parties, makes full use of the scale and strength of BTG Homeinns Hotel Group as one of the largest hotel chain brands in China, and at the same time integrates Hyatt’s strong experience in providing guests with high-quality accommodation experience around the world, and jointly develop China’s growing tourism market.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation|World-renowned

Headquartered in Chicago, USA, Hyatt is a world-renowed hotel group. As of September 30, 2019, Hyatt has operated and managed a total of 20 brands and more than 875 hotels in more than 60 countries and regions on six continents, enjoying a high popularity and reputation in the industry.

All Hyatt hotels occupy urban landmarks and are dedicated to making your journey unique.

BTG Homeinns Hotels (Group) Co.,Ltd.|Powerful Strength

BTG Homeinns Hotels (Group) Co., Ltd. was established after the merger of the former BTG Hotels (Group) Co., Ltd and Homeinns. After the merger, BTG Hotels and Home Inn have achieved complementary advantages and resource integration, achieving full series of products, full coverage of information, full circulation of members, and all-round value integration, which upgraded the overall business of BTG Homeinns Hotels (Group) Co., Ltd. and accelerated the iterative update of hotel-based accommodation products. The group is committed to leading the way of public travel and accommodation through professional and passionate work, to meet the diversified personalized needs of guests.

BTG Homeinns Hotels (Group) Co., Ltd. owns nearly 20 brand series and 40 products with accommodation as the core. As of the end of September 2019, FBTG Homeinns Hotels operates more than 4,000 hotels in more than 400 cities in China, covering a full range of hotel businesses including “high-end”, “mid-high end”, “business travel”, “leisure vacation”, “social entertainment”, and “Hotel Union”.

BTG Homeinns Hotels (Group) Co., Ltd. focuses on the core accommodation business, implements the strategy of “developing from the stock, integration and innovation”, and continues to develop the medium and high-end hotel market. At the same time, with an open, inclusive attitude and approach, we are actively making trans-boundary innovations to create a future-oriented ecological customer value map covering food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment.